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Eventum is a company leader in Institutional and corporate events organization and communication services. We are used to develop long-terms relationship with our customers, delivering top level, turnkey services.

Capable of building lasting relations with our customers in order to better meet their expectations and needs, we deliver high-profile, customized services, managing the whole project: from planning to assistance, from protocol & etiquette to media management, from communication to marketing campaigns, from VIP Institutional meetings to large events organization.


Eventum is used to operate in the framework of a wide international network of diplomatic and Institutional relations, as well with private partners and sponsors.

Eventum team is highly professional and creative, able to provide its customers with flexibility, problem solving and added-value tips for any services delivered, as recognized by our successful experience.

Our company main skill is a long-term expertise in the management of protocol & etiquette services complying with the International Diplomatic Protocol Rules. We are used to manage successfully Authorities placement, set up of internal and external locations according to diplomacy and security rules, reception etiquette, flag display, hierarchy, look of the event, guests invitations, VIP welcome, private transfers and much more.

We are official members of the following Associations:

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